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  • 1G. Studying population

    20 agosto, 2019 por

    GEOGRAPHY VOCABULARY UNIT 0 – GETTING STARTED Heal the world (Michael Jackson) UNIT 1- STUDYING POPULATION Introduction video Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1. POPULATION GEOGRAPHY 1.1 Demography 1.2 Population figures 2. THE ESTRUCTURE OF THE POPULATION 3. NATURAL MOVEMENTS 3.1 The birth rate / The death rate 3.1 The general fertility rate 3.4 Demographic regimes 4. MIGRATION… Leer más

  • 2G. Human beings in the world

    20 agosto, 2019 por

    Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1.POPULATION DISTRIBUTION 1.1 Factors that affect population distribution 1.2 The characteristics of population distribution Population density 2. THE WORLD´S POPULATION 3. THE PROBLEMS OF WORLD POPULATION

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