1G. Studying population / La población

WHAT IS GEOGRAPHY? / QUÉ ES LA GEOGRAFÍA UNIT 0 – GETTING STARTED Heal the world (Michael Jackson) UNIT 1- STUDYING POPULATION / LA POBLACIÓN Introduction video / Video introductorio Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1. POPULATION GEOGRAPHY / LA GEOGRAFÍA DE LA POBLACIÓN 1.1 Demography / La demografía 1.2 Population figures / El estudio de la población…

2G. Human beings in the world

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1.POPULATION DISTRIBUTION 1.1 Factors that affect population distribution 1.2 The characteristics of population distribution Population density 2. THE WORLD´S POPULATION 3. THE PROBLEMS OF WORLD POPULATION

3G. Cities

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1.URBAN AREAS 1.1 The concept of city 1.2 The functions of the city 1.3 The morphology of cities 1.4 Urban structure 2. URBANISATION 2.1 Evolution of the city over time 2.2 The city and its territory GAME: BIGGEST CITIES IN THE WORLD 2.4 New urban forms 3. THE…

4G. Human geography of Europe

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1.THE EUROPEAN CONTINENT 1.1 The countries of Europe GAME: EUROPEAN CAPITALS 1.2 The European Union 2. THE EUROPEAN ECONOMY 2.1 Economic sectors 2.2 Economic regions 2.3 Economic policies of the European Union 3. THE POPULATION OF EUROPE 3.1 Population structure 3.2 Population evolution 3.3 Population distribution 3.4 Population…

5G. Human geography of Spain

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1.HOW IS THE SPANISH STATE ORGANISED? 1.1 The political map of Spain GAME: The Spanish provinces 1.2 The Constitution and central administration 1.3 Autonomous and local goverments Flags of the Autonomous Communities 2. THE POPULATION OF SPAIN 2.1 The structure and distribution of the population of Spain 2.2…

6G. Human impact on the environment

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1. EFFECTS OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES ON THE ENVIRONMENT 1.1 The modification of the natural environment 1.2 Environmental pollution 1.3 The impact of urbanisation 1.4 Geographical spaces by economic activities 2. ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMEN 2.1 Global measures 2.2 Individual measures 3. ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES IN SPAIN 3.1 Humanised landscapes…

7G. Economic activity

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1. HUMAN NEEDS AND PRODUCTION 1.1 Factors of production 1.2 Economic agents 3. SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY Primary sector Secundary sector Tertiary sector DISCOVERY TECHNIQUES

8-9-10G. Economic sectors

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) THE THREE ECONOMIC SECTORS PRIMARY SECTOR SECUNDARY SECTOR TERTIARY SECTOR

11G. The world of globalisation

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1.COUNTRIES AND LEVELS OF DEVELOPMENT 1.1 Developed countries 1.2 Developing countries 2. INTERNATIONAL DECISION-MAKING BODIES 2.1 The United Nations 2.2 Non-govermental organizations 2.3 Regional organizations 2.4 Informal forums 3. GLOBALISATION IN TODAYŚ WOLD 3.1 Scientific and technological globalisation 3.2 Economic globalisation 4. A WORLD IN CONFLICT 4.1 Geopolitics…

1H. From Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Introduction video Brainstorming (Word cloud) Vocabulary (Flashcards) 1.THE DIVISION OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE 1.1 The crisis of the Roman Empire 1.2 Two empires Constantinople Rome 2. THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE 3. GERMANIC KINGDOMS 4. GERMANIC TRIBES IN THE IBERIAN PENINSULA: VISIGOTHS Culture in Visigothic Hispania